Bicycling & the “Good Life”

by bonjourbicycle



image via Pashley Bicycles

What is it about bikes that makes many of us so happy? Is it feeling like a kid again? Feeling the breeze in your face? Or being able to enjoy your surroundings from a different perspective? I believe it may be more than that, because bicycles can trigger good feelings even when we’re not actually riding. Think about advertisements and products that feature bikes, such as those found here and here. You’re not on a bike, the item certainly has nothing to do with bikes, yet — simply because of the bicycle image — you still feel something that suggests the illusive “good life.”

Classic, upright bicycles have always moved me. And it’s usually not just the bike, but the whole shebang that comes with it — the freedom; the stylishness; the simple, unstudied coolness of the rider. That’s one reason I’ve started riding again. Of course, the health benefits (both physically and environmentally) are also important. But I also just like being on my bike. It’s just one way of enjoying the good life.