Sticker Shock

by bonjourbicycle

I ducked into the National Portrait Gallery during lunch today and spotted this super fun bicycle on my way back to the office.


I’m sure part of it was the minty green shade along with the accessorized Wald basket (have to love accessorizing an accessory), but I know what really got me were the stickers. I’ve seen other bikes with stickers, and with a lot more actually, but for some reason these stickers just seemed to exude so much personality, while also totally fitting the bike.


I especially like the #kindawesome sticker on the lower lateral tube. Whoever owns this bike is clearly making a statement.


I don’t think I could ever bring myself to put stickers on my old Marin, and definitely not on the Raleigh. But I can appreciate the fun that goes along with packing such a visual punch to one’s personal ride. Anyone else have an opinion on stickers on bikes?