Gift Ideas for the Chic Cyclista

by bonjourbicycle

With two weeks to go until Christmas, I thought I’d share some gift ideas for the chic cyclista. None of these are items that I actually have, but are all items I would like (hint, hint hubby). I can’t discuss how well they perform, although — with any luck — perhaps that can be a subsequent post.

One item I’ve seen that looks really cool is Tandem NY’s Skirtweight.


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As a frequent dress/skirt wearer, I am very happy to see this product on the market. Right now, I use binder clips or caribiners (when I can, and when I remember) to keep my skirts from flying up when I ride. More often, though, I am grabbing at my skirt which (1) does not look cool and (2) is not the safest way to ride. A perfect stocking stuffer for similarly situated riders.

While we’re on skirts, another suggestion is SmartWool’s SmartLoft skirt.

SmartWool skirt

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I like this skirt for off-duty days, and think it looks really cute paired with thin wool leggings. For some reason, I’m just not that into jeans anymore, so I could definitely see this as my go-to casual look during the cooler months — just the right amount of warmth, with plenty of freedom of movement for riding.

Another winner is this DJ bike bell, sold by Eleanor’s.


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This bell is just plain fun and is the perfect gift for the cyclist that’s also into spinning records. I myself wanted to be a DJ all through high school and actually regret never asking the DJ at my own wedding whether I could mix a track or two during the reception. With this bell all cycling DJ’s (real or imagined) can display their love of vinyl while passing others.

Cyclists generally seem to be a practical lot and often appreciate items that can serve double duty, like these Georgia in Dublin Leggits.


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Visibility and staying dry are always concerns for riders, and these overshoes are both high-vis and waterproof. Meant to work with both flats and heels, “leggits” also mean you don’t have to change your shoes once you get to your final destination. Much easier to stuff some nylon in your bag upon arrival than carry another pair of shoes with you.

Last but not least is the Baby Gila trench from Trout Rainwear.

Trout Rainwear Baby Gila

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As I’ve confessed before, I’m really obsessed with outerwear, and this coat is now part of my “currently coveting” list. Trout Rainwear specializes in functional, fashionable outerwear for women and this trench seems to tick both of those boxes. The waterproof/breathable fabric, extra large hood, lovely Liberty-print lining and extreme versatility (this can easily be dressed up or dressed down) makes this a winner in my book. Paired with the equally lovely Rainbow Liner, a chic cyclist could get a lot of mileage out of these toppers.

Of course, a membership to WABA or another bicycling organization is also a great gift. Such memberships not only benefit the individual cyclist, but the greater cycling community as well — another two-fer.

Happy riding!