New Year, New Bike

by bonjourbicycle

Happy New Year! Here’s to 2015 being a great year for friends and family, personal goals, and of course bicycling!


The changing year always brings with it the sense of new beginnings and a fresh start. I’ll be making my fresh start in my new WorkCycle. You may recall an earlier post in which I discussed my search for a transport bike that could handle all sorts of weather, support a toddler, and bring me to work in style. After a lot of research, and a bit of good timing, I was able to bring home my lovely Omafiets.

First, the research (which I must point out is very personal and specific to me). This was actually a bit tricky as there are so few bicycle shops in the US that carry transport bicycles and there are many bicycles out there that I would love to try. In any case, by visiting three different stores (two in DC and one in NYC), I was able to test ride a Linus Dutchi 3, a Pashley Princess, and a Gazelle Tour Populaire, in addition to the WorkCycle. I checked out the Xtracycle and Boda Boda too (which also required two different shop visits in DC), but decided to stick to something with more traditional looks.

The Linus seemed a little too light to me, and also doesn’t have an enclosed chain case or hub. I wanted something that felt like it would last a long time and would require minimal maintenance. The Gazelle definitely is made to last, but just wasn’t comfortable to me. Plus, the newer model lacks some of the charm of its older counterparts. Aside from the plastic skirt guard, the Pashley was very lovely — it was green, my favorite color — and was a close second to my ultimate choice. The WorkCycle, however, won out based on several practical factors: its 8-speed internal gear hub, dynamo lighting, rear wheel lock, rear rack weight capacity, front wheel stabilizer (for using a basket), super strong kid-tested double kickstand, and vinyl chain case and skirt guard — all of which came standard. I also considered its comfort, durability, glossy good looks, and, helpfully, an incredibly good deal. I was able to get it for 50% off at Adeline Adeline (with the Brooks saddle) before it closed, which was bittersweet.


Some close-ups. Look at those lovely hubs! 

With my Peterboro basket in front and Yepp Maxi seat in the back, I’m able to do preschool duty and Target runs (strapping staples like megapacks of toilet paper on the back), as well as ride into work. I don’t worry about wet roads, braking, or visibility, even my cream tires are super reflective. And Leigh (that’s her name) just makes me happy. Little kids wave at me, cab drivers give me respect, and other moms ask me questions about bicycling — yes!

Whatever your personal ride, hope you enjoy happy — and safe — bicycling in the new year.