Holy City Cycling

by bonjourbicycle


Cyclists riding up Charleston’s Market Street

We were lucky enough to recently spend a few days in Charleston, SC (aka the Holy City*). The food was amazing, the architecture extraordinary, and the cycling culture incredible!


A stack of books perfectly balanced on a rear rack, near the College of Charleston

I’d read that Charleston was a great place for bike riding, and now having been there, I see why. The city is fairly compact and relatively flat; winter temperatures are mild; and no one (cars or cyclists) seems to really speed.

A lovely loaner bike from the Zero George Street Hotel

Combined with Charleston’s stylishness, the city is basically a haven for the chic transportation cyclist.


A super-sweet Biria seen near King and Market

I will definitely be back!

*(P.S. — Charleston, I learned, earned its nickname because, during the pre-Revolutionary era, it was the area most accepting of varying religions. It thus became known as the Holy City because so many different faiths worshipped there.)