Currently Coveting … Po Campo’s Logan Bike Trunk Bag

by bonjourbicycle

Winter will still be here for some time, but I’m already thinking about a new bag for spring. And the one I have my eye on is Po Campo’s Logan Bike Trunk bag. This bag seems incredibly practical; you can tell it was designed by a real woman who is a real bicycle commuter.

po campo

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Right now, I use a tote bag when riding. It’s light and foldable, and fits in my basket or pannier very easily. It would be nice, though, to have something that moved from on the bike to off with a little more panache (not to mention eliminating the need to always have something to put my bag in while riding). Plus, I generally prefer cross-body bags when I’m out and about — easy access, yet hands free for coffee or child chasing. Po Campo’s bag seems to really fit the bill: the adjustable bottom straps allow the bag to be attached directly onto the rear rack, but it looks like a regular bag when carried by hand or with the detachable shoulder strap. Brilliant!

Subtle reflective details and multiple pockets simply add to the functionality. I think the biggest question will be what color to pick!