The Skipping/Pedal Problem

by bonjourbicycle


A fix here . . .

One of the benefits of a bike with an internal gear hub is that it requires less work. Combine an internal hub with a fully enclosed chain case, and — presumably — you should be able to enjoy maximum riding with minimum maintenance. So, I was a little bummed when Leigh’s gears started to skip while I pedaled. I haven’t had her that long, and the thought of having to bring her into the shop so soon did not appeal to me. Now, as a kid, I was very handy and always helped my dad fix stuff. As an adult, I’m not as hands-on, but do enjoy rolling up my sleeves and getting dirty on certain projects. So, before heading off to the shop, I thought — “Let’s see what I can find out online?” And, thankfully, I found this great blog post on As Easy As Riding Bike on how to adjust a Shimano Nexus gear hub. This was exactly what I needed! I followed his instructions and voila!, no more skipping. (There are other posts that explain why your chain is skipping — basically the tension is out of whack on the cables that connect your shifter to your chain, and this happens the most on your initial rides — but those posts then go on to explain how to fix the problem on derailleur systems.)

made a difference here.

. . . made a difference here.

I took Leigh out on a test ride with lots of hills, so as to require shifting up and down a number of times, and had no problems at all. If you have an internal gear hub and are experiencing problems with your chain skipping while you pedal, I highly suggest you check out the post from As Easy As Riding A Bike.

Happy riding!