Heading home from the office with "Rolly"

Heading home from the office with “Rolly”

Bonjour Bicycle sprung from my desire to get around on a lovely classical bicycle, like those often found in Europe.

For years, I dreamt of commuting by work to bike, something that really doesn’t seem that unattainable as far as dreams go, but yet was hard for me to actually start doing. Then one day I just went for it, pulling out my old mountain hybrid and pedaling the 8 miles into the office. I was winded. I had grease on my ankle. And my dress certainly didn’t pair well with my bike. But I loved it. And kept doing it. I realized, though, that my old bike – trusty and sturdy as it was – was not the bicycle for me. I would notice my hands moving back and forth on the straight grips, my neck hurting a bit from the slightly forward posture, and the way I had to lean the bike when getting off and on (so as not to flash the world in my dress), and thought “I need a new bike.” And, thus, what began as a simple quest for a new bike has become a mini-obsession: the search for beautiful, upright bikes that you can ride in style and all the accessories that go with them, along with a goal of helping to make bicycling more accessible to everyone.

Some other things about me — I love dresses, stripes, nubby textiles, old books, vintage porcelain, and, of course, bikes. I’m also a sucker for dark chocolate, almost any flora (but especially ferns and ranunculus), and a good shelter mag. I live outside of Washington, DC and commute into the District for work, almost always in a dress.

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